Using Quickbooks to Maximize Productivity Workshop Series

DFA Risk Management is proud to partner with CPA Kurt Behrenfeld, a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, to help you learn to get the most out of your accounting software. Over a two-week period, we are offering a series of instructor-led, risk management-focused online QuickBooks sessions.

Since the QuickBooks workshop series started in the spring of 2015, more than 60 DFA members have taken advantage of the opportunity to learn about the popular accounting software and how it can be used to increase efficiency and decision-making on the farm.

After attending these workshops, you’ll have:
  • A QuickBooks template that will help quickly and accurately determine your farm’s cost of production
  • The ability to analyze the key cost-drivers and calculate your farm’s gross margin
  • Enhanced skills using the QuickBooks features of “items and classes” to link income and expenses to specific enterprises
Select the topics you’re most interested in or sign up for all three. Individual workshops are $69 each. Attend all three workshops for a discounted price of $149. Each session will be recorded, so if you’re unable to attend, you can take part when it’s convenient for you.
Back by popular demand, a free bonus session will be offered to all participants following the three-week workshop.

We're sorry but this offering of the QuickBooks workshops is now ended. Please continue to check back as additional sessions will be shared here as they are scheduled.

Workshop 1: Introduction, Setup, Variables, Modeling and Revenue Cycle
  • Introduction to risk management in the dairy industry
  • Getting started right with QuickBooks, including setting up preferences and working with lists
  • Developing the DFA Risk Management QuickBooks model for historical versus forecasting revenues and utilizing the revenue cycle feature in QuickBooks
Workshop 2: Expenditure Cycle, Volatility and Inventory
  • Understanding how to use the DFA Risk Management QuickBooks model for historical versus forecasting expenditures and the expenditure cycle in QuickBooks
  • Processing inventory purchases, receipts and adjustments

Workshop 3: Capital Expenditures, Debt, Labor, Time and Reporting
  • Managing capital and capital expenditures, as well as debt management
  • Time reporting and payroll functions in QuickBooks
  • Reporting and analyzing financial data
Bonus Workshop: Quickbooks and DFA Risk Management’s Forward Contracting Programs
Tom McCormick, vice president of DFA Risk Management, will present on the topics below in this workshop, free to all QuickBooks series participants. We will contact participants with workshop details.
  • Utilize the skills you learned in the workshop series to anchor your forward contracting strategies to your farm’s financial objectives and break-even costs, helping you grow and protect your equity
  • Improve your understanding of how your farm’s milk price is put together and how DFA Risk Management’s forward contracts can help manage your price volatility